5 handy apps to help your finances

18th April 2016

“There’s an app for that” is quickly becoming a common turn of phrase, because there really is an app for almost everything.

Your budget is no exception, with a multitude of different options on the market designed to help save you money. We have put together a list of our five favourites.

5. MoneySmart Financial Calculator

This handy little app has four different calculators designed to help manage your money. There's a 'savings calculator', to show you how much you can save based on your current saving patterns; a 'loan calculator' and a 'mortgage calculator' (both of which are suspiciously similar), to tell you what repayments you'll need to make to pay off your loan within a certain time frame; and an 'interest-free deal calculator', to work out how much you will need to pay each week to clear debts before your zero percent interest period runs out.

Cost: Free, Available for iOS and Android

4. Pocketbook

Pocketbook helps you keep on top of your spending. You can sync all of your accounts to the one place (which is handy if you have accounts across different banks) and it will automatically update your transaction history. It separates transactions into different categories (food, entertainment, etc.) so you can start to see where all your money is going. While you may get an initial shock when you see your spending broken down ("I spent how much on takeaway coffee this month?"), it will help with conscious spending in future.

Cost: Free, Available for iOS and Android

3. Home Budget

Very similar to Pocketbook (perhaps with a slightly more attractive interface), Home Budget helps you track your monthly expenses. There is a quirky little speedometer, that increases based on the percentage of income you have spent- you don't want to it to reach the red. You can set a budget for separate expense categories, and there is also a handy 'Family Sync' function, that allows family members to work within a single budget and enter data across different devices.

Cost: Full version - $7.99, Home Budget Lite - free, Available for iOS and Android

2. Groupon

Who ever said you have to forfeit your lifestyle in order to save for a house? Groupon is a shopping app that has discounted coupons for all your entertainment needs. With movies, hair cuts, activities and dinner deals, you can snatch some great bargains at really cheap prices. This means you don't have to forgo life's little luxuries! The app boasts an easy-to-use interface, and is a must have for those on a tight budget.

Cost: Free, Available for iOS and Android

1. My Local Broker

Yep, you caught us. This is a shameless plug for our new app. But trust me, you will love this one. The My Local Broker app means your broker is only ever a couple of clicks away. Log in, enter your suburb, and you will find an interactive map showing you profiles of all the brokers close by. Select your faves, send them any questions, or request a call back at your preferred time. The app is super easy to use, making it easier than ever for you to find the right home loan.

Cost: Free, Available for iOS (Android version coming shortly)

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