Club legend chalks up 600 games

11th January 2016

From Chris Gayle’s untoward compliments to record low Boxing Day Test crowds and heightened security measures, it’s fair to say Cricket has bore the brunt of some negative press this summer.

But amongst all furore is a good news story 80 years in the making.

Ian Beazley chalked up 600 games for East Bentleigh Cricket Club on the weekend, days after his 80th birthday.

Ian, who calls his son and grandson teammates, hasn’t missed a cricket season since pulling on the whites at age 12 in 1948.

While he has lost track of his overall game total, Ian has been a mainstay for East Bentleigh Cricket Club for 47 consecutive seasons.

“I’ve been very lucky, that’s for sure,” Ian told News Corp Australia.

A wicket keeper/batsman in his halcyon days, the three-time club champion is still a handy slips fielder and lower order batsman.

“I’ll have to give it up some day, and it’s probably coming sooner rather than later,” Ian concedes.

“But it won’t be this year.”

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