Cultivating a positive workplace culture

11th November 2015

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, a former boss of mine use to hark on about. Imagery aside, it’s a great saying and the naked truth of the workplace. We’re firm believers that a positive workplace culture brings out the best in people.

By establishing a positive workplace culture, you’ll increase innovation and productivity while consequently increasing your bottom dollar. To help you lay down the foundations of a positive workplace culture, we’ve assembled some helpful hints and tips.


The most important part of any organisation is its people and those organisations that focus on people create positive workplace culture effortlessly.

Surround yourself with great people. This is easier said that done, but placing great importance on the recruitment process will help. Consider this; skills can be taught but attitude is forever.

Secondly, once you’ve secured these 'great people', hold onto them. Successful companies spend loads of time and money retaining and developing people with the right attitude.


Trust is the lifeblood of a positive workplace culture. Research has found that employees value trust as the most important element of a workplace.

Great leaders build environments of trust by maintaining integrity, being true to their word, treating all staff equal and encouraging transparency. Remember, to gain trust first you must give it.


A great workplace is one where the employees are proud of what they do or where they work. Not every workplace can provide google-like facilities to make their staff proud, so placing emphasis on what your employees do becomes even more important.

Allowing you employees freedom on projects to call the shots will create a greater sense of ownership. Pride comes from ownership.

"Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage" - Greg Harris


Never underestimate the power of a communal lunch or having a few knock off drinks. Bringing the team together weekly in a less formal manner will go a long way in creating a community/family feel among employees.

When people laugh and joke they build relationships. Positive workplace relationships promote positive workplace behaviours.


If trust is the lifeblood, then regular communication is the backbone of a positive workplace culture.

Good communication solidifies relationships. Promoting good communication in the workplace is about being welcoming, inclusive, treating everybody with dignity and respect (goes without saying) and involving staff in processes.

Leaving people out of the loop can result in divisions in staff, damaging rumours and a toxic environment. Regular positive communication will neutralise this.

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