The art of schmoozing

27th October 2015

Opportunity is everywhere. The ability to create and be receptive to opportunity could be the difference in your success. Networking, or the art of schmoozing is key to any successful freelancer, start-up or salesman.

We’ve assembled some helpful tips to up your networking game.

Start before you need it

Seasoned campaigners can smell the stench of desperation a mile off. To avoid this, you should sow the seeds well before you reap the harvest. That way you come across as genuine rather than self-serving.

Be yourself

An obvious one, but some still ignore it. People are more likely to engage in your services if they like you. So ditch the routine and be yourself. People value authenticity over a killer pitch.

Always mention what you do

It pays to tell people what you do. If it doesn’t come up organically, you should always disclose your profession in any conversation you have with someone new. You’d be surprised where this could lead the conversation or what opportunities could arise from it.

Don’t burn any bridges

Co-workers eventually move on, generally to higher profile jobs so it is important to never-end relationships on a bad note. Being remembered in a good light bodes well for future opportunities.

‘The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity’ - Keith Ferrazzi

Never dismiss anyone

Make it your job to discover everyone’s value and don’t discount people based on their job titles. They may have a valuable connection or knowledge you’d never learn if you were dismissive.

Follow up

Life is time-consuming. If you were expecting an email that hasn’t arrive yet, you should follow up. This action demonstrates initiative, which is always looked upon favourably and generally prompts a reply.

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